School Leavers Hoodies

Leaving school can be full of mixed emotions. Sad to leave friends and excited for new adventures. At Extra Mile Printing we would like to offer a keep sake of this time and give you something that represents your year. Whether it is year 13, year 11, year 6, Sixth form or college or University we have 100's designs and garments that will be great for every age, budget and style.

Hoodies, Jackets, T-shirts... even onesies can be decorated to your specific requirements. The ideas below are just to inspire a design for your class. if you like one or aspects of a few, I can make a perfect design for you so everyone is happy.

The styles of hoodies and other garments can be seen on this link. I am totally flexible with leavers hoodies. I am able to offer your group all the same colour and style, or... you can individually choose any colour and even styles.

SEE ALL HOODIES (100'S of colours and styles)

These ideas below are just a impression of the sort of thing I can do for you! - have a look, get inspired and please contact me by phone or email and let me know what you want and I will make it happen! If you would like to Design your own hoodies, I am happy to receive any ideas you have, from sketches to finished graphics.

If you like parts of one design idea and parts of another, please let me know what it is you like/don't like and I can make any changes you want! Everything is designed and printed in our print studio on North St, Bristol.