How we can help

Direct to Garment Printing (DTG)

We have one of the very latest direct to garment machines which allows us to print directly onto fabric in full colour without any tricky or costly setup. So whether you want a one-off design printed, or multiples we can help - we have no minimum or maximum! Direct to Garment products have a softer feel than other print techniques, and it takes just minutes to complete each product so our turnaround times are super quick!

Screen printing

Using screens to block-print simple visual designs is a more traditional method and still very effective. Because each new print requires screens to be made, screen printing is best for bigger jobs. Each colour is printed separately by spreading the ink through a screen and onto the garment. Toning and shading can create the impression of more than the original colours used. Screen printing creates a more artistic, handmade look to your garment.


Machine embroidery allows us to take a digital image and bring it to life on your garment. Single or multiple colours, small and larger designs available. Embroidery is popular for adding a logo to uniforms for trade, school and teamwear. We are unusual in that we are happy to take on one-off embroidery jobs. No minimum order required.

Transfers (Toner)

The transfer process we use enables us to imprint complex full colour images, logos and photos onto almost any dark garment or fabric. The process is quick and cost-effective for one-off garments, and larger jobs. Although direct to garment printing is still the best way for a print to feel as soft as the garment it is on, our transfer process does create incredibly soft-feeling results. Transfers are the best method for us to use on man-made materials such as polyester.

Cut Vinyl

We can cut vinyl designs for use on sports kits and more. Cut vinyl works best on nylons and waterproof clothing. On the rare occasion that one of our other methods isn't suitable we will use cut vinyl.


Flexible and vivid printing on to many media from garments to bags, ceramics and metals. For printing photo quality images and big bold colours.

Miscellaneous Printing

The flexible nature of my print studio on North St. Bristol means that the opportunities are enormous.

Printing onto mugs, plates, tiles, signs, point of sale items, plaques, table ware, temporary tattoos.... the list goes on.

Please call if you ever need to discuss your needs.

Graphic Design and Idea Generation

I'd like to consider myself a creative person that is a Photoshop and Illustrator expert.

If you have an idea that you'd like to see come to life I am willing to help develop any ideas you have. I can also make alterations to most images, removing objects, editing photos or combining many parts to make one image.

Feel free to ask.

Full Colour Printing

We are able to take on all your promo printing requirements including business cards, leaflets, flyers, stationery, booklets and posters. Ask us for a quote today - I will offer FREE design for all quotes!